A radically new entertainment device.

Dabby can search and play any content that is online, on a TV with a simple voice command. 

Dabby eliminates the clutter around TV by replacing all of your current streaming devices with just a thin wireless stand-alone touch device and a small TV dongle. Just plug in and ask.

Dabby vs Fire TV

See how easily Dabby finds movies in comparison to Amazon Fire TV. 

Dabby - The Working Prototype

Here is one of our Dabby prototype in all of its glory! This has been handmade by our team and is featured in some of our demo videos!

Why Dabby?

Simple, we have improved how you can stream. We have streamlined the process by allowing you to have access to the unlimited content on the internet (and not restricted by apps) and all of this is controlled just by simply asking. 

Current Issues With Home Devices

While smartphone consolidated different devices that we used to carry (like digital cameras, camcorder, flashlights, calculator etc), we still live in the “device overload” environment inside our homes. 

Dabby puts an end to all of this clutter by combining all devices and going further than this... we have added features that no other devices have.




Where can I get Dabby?


Enjoyment you'll feel when you receive & use yours...

Don't miss out on Dabby!

Coming soon to Kickstarter.

Early bird pricing starts from $149.